Build Your Life's Most Important Habit in Just 5 Days

Even if you're busy, or you don't pray at all right now

If you're struggling to pray five times a day but you want to get there, then this free 5-day challenge is for you! You'll get:

  • Guidance from Transform My Prayer instructor, Iqbal Nasim
  • Powerful functionality from the Pillars prayer app
  • Encouragement from hundreds of fellow participants

By participating in the 5x5 Prayer Challenge, you will:

By participating in the 5x5 Prayer Challenge, you will:

Actually want to pray - it won't feel like a burden anymore

By understanding the true significance of prayer, you will stop seeing it as a burden and you will gain the willingness and confidence to pray on time, every time, no matter where you are.

Overcome the most common obstacles getting in your way

Come away with practical, tried-and-tested tips to help you overcome the six obstacles of apathy, forgetfulness, laziness, fear, trauma and guilt. These learnings can last you a lifetime!

Feel closer and more connected to God than ever before

Start discovering how to increase the quality of your prayer, feel a deeper connection with your Lord and experience a greater sense of purpose, peace and contentment in your life


What past Challenge participants have said

Over 2,000 people have taken the 5x5 Prayer Challenge!

What past Challenge participants are saying...


You'll be supported by...

You'll be supported by...

Iqbal Nasim

Iqbal is an educator, speaker and writer… former investment banker (2006-11) and non-profit leader (2012-21). He delivers transformational educational experiences to help people lead truly God-centred lives, by achieving connection through prayer, clarity through revelation, and the courage to fulfil their leadership potential.

In 2019, he developed and started teaching Transform My Prayer, a highly impactful and potentially life-changing experience which has enabled thousands of people around the world to transform robotic, ritualistic and burdensome prayers into meaningful, spiritual conversations with God that you actually look forward to!

The Pillars app

Launched in 2021, the beautifully designed Pillars app has accumulated more than 150,000 downloads in just over a year. Created by friends Tariq Jamal and Abdul-Rahman Abbas, it aims to empower Muslims to improve their condition, starting with their prayer. As a Challenge participant, you'll be encouraged to download the app so you can be reminded of prayer times and track your progress.