Help More People Lead Truly God-Centred Lives

My mission is to help people achieve connection through prayer, clarity through revelation, and the courage to fulfil their leadership potential. Ultimately it's all about how we can live truly God-centred lives in these increasingly confusing and complicated times.
To make my projects sustainable, I do charge for live online and in-person courses. But ever since I launched Transform My Prayer back in November 2019, people have kindly got in touch to ask how they can support my efforts further to achieve greater scale and impact.
Their contributions have been crucial as they have funded bursaries for those who cannot afford to pay for courses. This way, money is never a barrier for someone to access my content and my work remains fully sustainable at the same time.
As the scope of my work increases, there are a number of costs incurred related to content production, marketing and administration. Any amount you would like to give will help cover these costs and help more people achieve better quality and more consistent prayers, a deeper understanding of their Lord and more meaningful and purposeful lives.
Thank you!