Bring Revelation to Life
in Your Life

Even if you're busy, or a beginner in your Qur'an or Arabic journey

Increase your understanding, appreciation and love of the Lord of all that exists. Engage with God’s final revelation in a deep, meaningful and actionable way. Through live presentations and reflection on key themes and concepts of the Qur'an, Club Revelation is a highly engaging and inspirational online Qur'an club.


Bring Revelation to Life, in Your Life

Even if you're busy, or a beginner in your Qur'an or Arabic journey

Increase your understanding, appreciation and love of the Lord of all that exists.

Engage with God’s final revelation in a deep, meaningful and actionable way.

Through live presentations and reflection on key themes and concepts of the Qur'an, Club Revelation is a highly engaging and inspirational online Qur'an club.


"Is it not time for believers to humble their hearts to the remembrance of God and the Truth that has been revealed, and not to be like those who received the Scripture before them, whose time was extended but whose hearts hardened and many of whom were rebellious?" (57:16)

This phase is going to be special...

I've been running Club Revelation for around 18 months now, but this next phase is going to be quite different to anything that Members have experienced so far...

With Ramadan just around the corner, here's the journey you'll be taking when you join and how you'll benefit:

Part 1:

Supplication (Du'a)

8th January - 12th February
5 live sessions on Sundays
11:00am - 12:30pm UK time

You "make du'a", but do you know what Allah actually says about du'a in the Qur'an? It’s much deeper and there's more to it than you think. We'll be exploring the Qur'anic narrative on the theme of du'a on 8th January.

Then over the next four weeks we'll dive deeper into 10 of the most powerful supplications in the Qur'an, some that you may know (about which you'll discover more) and others which are hidden gems.

We'll look at the word-by-word meaning, in-depth understanding, how to say them, when to say them, and more... so that when you engage in du'a, you do so in a much more meaningful and natural way.

Part 2:

Short Chapters

19th February - 19th March
5 live sessions on Sundays
11:00am - 12:30pm UK time

We'll be covering the last 12 chapters of the Qur'an, which are the chapters we most commonly recite in our prayers after Surah al-Fatihah.

This will really help you bring more meaning, connection and focus to your Salat because we often recite these short chapters mindlessly.

Part 3:

Special Ramadan Series:
The True Believer

26th March - 9th April
5 live sessions: 26th March,
and 1st, 2nd, 8th and 9th April
11:00am - 12:30pm UK time

What does it mean to be a True Believer according to revelation?
Why and how should you aspire to be one?

We'll go through a step-by-step process in Ramadan to help transform ourselves from believers at the beginning of the month into TRUE believers by the end of it, God willing.


Are you living the Qur'an?

Imagine how your life would transform if your thoughts, decisions and actions were actually based on guidance from your Lord?

What if, as you go through the inevitable ups and downs of life, verses from the Qur'an came to your mind, specific to each situation?

You see, life is a journey.

And every journey requires a map... show you the way to your intended destination.

The map shows you the overall landscape and path of the journey, and it allows you to check if you're going the right way or the wrong way... and then shift accordingly.

The Qur'an is the map sent to us by our Lord to guide us on this journey of life...

But living the Qur'an requires consistent pondering and engagement.

So how can you actually bring the Qur'an to life in your life?

I've broken it down into a clear and powerful 5-step process...

1. Of course, it starts with opening the Book and reading... not just reading in Arabic, but reading with meaning and understanding.

2. The next step is to ponder and reflect upon those meanings.

3. Then perhaps you need to explore further and see what else God has to say about a particular issue in the Qur'an, so you can get a full picture of the concept or theme.

4. Then there comes a point where you need to have resolve and make a decision / commitment for your life based on what you've read in revelation.

5. Finally, once you've made that decision, the last step is to implement it in your life. To act and make a change for the better, whether that's a shift of perspective, the lens through which you experience everything, or practically in your actions and habits.

The reality is that most people don't get past Step 1 in their Qur'an journey...

But this holistic, step-by-step process will enable you to bring revelation to life in your life, God willing.

And it's exactly the process you will get to experience in...

What is Club Revelation?

It's an exclusive online Qur’an exploration experience, the sole purpose of which is for you to grow in knowledge, appreciation and love for your Lord.

The holistic, action-oriented process will significantly improve your understanding of key Qur'anic concepts and keep you connected to God’s final revelation in a deep, meaningful and actionable way.

It's appropriate for you if you are anywhere from a complete beginner to an intermediate level of understanding and engagement with the Qur’an and / or Qur’anic Arabic.


How will I change?

You will be more...

  • Informed: have a better grasp of God’s teaching on key issues, in a way that's contextualised and relevant to you

  • Inspired: become motivated to translate your learnings into action in your day-to-day life

  • Connected: feel the confidence of having a stronger link to your Lord through His revelation


See what Club Revelation members are saying

"I was intimidated to read the Qur'an. This was the first course that led to me starting this journey and has opened other opportunities to gain knowledge. The ease of which topics were introduced and easy to understand for reverts and non Arabic speakers."

- Nicola Chowdhury

"I was taught as a child with fire and brimstone and not that Allah is Loving and All-Forgiving. Almost all teaching was about doing rituals etc. and being punished with Hell if not done. Has taken many years to unravel and leave that behind. Your course has been wonderful."

- Rashida

"It has given me a clear understanding of the purpose of my life as a servant of Allah and a way to decide how I use it - by going back to the user manual and engaging with it. Well prepared, relevant, thought provoking sessions. Please keep it going!!!"

- Ali M

"Insightful and impactful. Certain phrases or recommendations have stayed with me and influenced the choices I make and the lens with which I see my life. I liked most the chance to have a discussion or conversation with Iqbal and other participants."

- Zahra Latif

Over 95% of members are finding Club Revelation to be beneficial!


What do I get when I become a Member?

It’s a valuable and powerful package!

As a Member you’ll get to:

1. Experience a unique approach to exploring and understanding:

  • Du'a: 10 of the most powerful supplications in the Qur'an 

  • Short Chapters: last 12 chapters of the Qur'an

  • Special Ramadan Series: how to become a True Believer according to revelation

2. Benefit from Club Revelation live: join as many of the 15 inspiring and action-oriented live sessions as you can. They'll take place on Zoom on Sundays for no more than 1 hr 30 mins. The default time for live sessions is 11.00am UK time...

3. Benefit from Club Revelation on-demand: ...or if it's easier, then go through the content at your own convenience, whether that means watching the entire session in one sitting, or breaking it up into small chunks throughout the week. You’ll have access to an online portal where you can watch recordings, as well as download and keep all presentation material.

4. Enjoy ‘A Daily Dose of the Qur’an’: You’ll have the option to receive a daily audio of 5 minutes or less which I’ve recorded so you can go through a good portion of the English translation of the Qur’an.

5. Access a private, Members only community on Telegram.

6. Get in touch with me any time via WhatsApp, Telegram and Email.

7. Learn together with your family with a Household Pass: one membership covers you and everyone living with you.

8. Cancel anytime!

What you're getting:

  • A unique, exclusive online Qur'an exploration experience from Jan-Apr 2023

  • Household Access: one membership covers you and everyone living with you

  • 15 inspiring live sessions exploring supplications, short chapters and how to become a true believer

  • On-demand access to all recordings and presentation material

  • A Daily Dose of the Qur'an: start listening to the English translation

  • Access to a private Members only community

  • Direct Q&A access (WhatsApp, Telegram and Email)

Here's more of what Club Revelation members are saying

Here's more of what Club Revelation members are saying

"Club Revelation has had a profoundly positive impact on my daily life. I now better understand the Nature of God and my role and responsibilities in relation to Him and the Qu'ran. I view all my decisions and actions more seriously through the Divine lens and with the prospect of success in the Hereafter."


"When I chose Islam and reverted just over 25 years ago my heart was connected to Allah and His creation very deeply on a natural level - but unfortunately over time other ways to think about Islam affected me. But this course has taken me back to my roots and now I can feel confident in my practice and belief again."

Zahira (Joanne) Case

"This course has been amazing and life changing, and I have already recommended it to a number of people. Really appreciate the effort and commitment put into this."


"Having Club Revelation in my calendar every week has allowed me to take time to learn and ponder more on Allah’s words in the quran and its creation. I’ll keep this time to continue pondering and learning Insha’Allah."


"The course has made me reflect and explore my deen more as opposed to the mundane, automatic motions of doing things as a muslim on a daily basis. Now I bring Allah swt in discussions more at home with family, friends."


"I wanted to develop a deeper connection with the Quran on a daily basis and this is something that we are now doing as a family. I am much more aware now about what I am reading in the translation and how I can implement what I have learnt about or read in my daily life."


"I am much more active in pondering, discussing and acting upon my faith. Iqbal keeps it real by understanding the challenges of modern life, his knowledge is deep and he shares this in a positive way."



Nice meeting you...

Peace be upon you!

I’m Iqbal Nasim, educator, speaker and writer... former investment banker and non-profit leader. I deliver transformational educational experiences to help you lead a truly God-centred life by achieving connection through prayer, clarity through revelation, and the courage to fulfil your leadership potential.

In 2019, I developed and started teaching a course on Salat called Transform My Prayer, which has been taken by nearly 3,000 people from around the world.

I am an experienced public speaker, having given hundreds of talks and Friday sermons on a variety of subjects relating to Islam. I have been studying the Arabic language from a very young age. I memorised the Qur'an and have an official license for the accurate recitation of the Qur'an with an unbroken chain of teachers back to the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. I live in London with my wife and four children.