Bring Revelation to Life
in Your Life
Bring Revelation to Life, in Your Life
Even if you're busy, or a beginner in your Qur'an or Arabic journey
Club Revelation is a highly engaging and inspirational online Qur'an club for English-speaking Muslims who want to connect with God’s final revelation in a deep, meaningful and actionable way.
Increase in understanding, appreciation and love for your Lord and experience the transformational power of revelation in your daily life.
Club Revelation is a highly engaging and inspirational online Qur'an club for English-speaking Muslims who want to connect with God’s final revelation in a deep, meaningful and actionable way.
Increase in understanding, appreciation and love for your Lord and experience the transformational power of revelation in your daily life.


Understand the meaning of key messages in revelation and what God is actually saying


Experience the Qur'an as though you are being addressed directly and discover what it means for you


Let the Qur'an guide your direction in life and help you realise your full potential as a true believer

"O people! There has come to you a teaching from your Lord, a healing for what is in the hearts, and guidance and mercy for the believers."

Chapter 10, Jonah, Verse 57

You want to connect with the Qur'an and apply it in your daily life, but something’s getting in your way...

  • You're struggling to understand, reflect and ponder on the meanings of the Qur'an and its application to your everyday life situations
  • You're frustrated by years of trying to gain knowledge of the Qur'an from various sources (e.g. YouTube) to which you can't really relate
  • You are a Muslim but you don't know what God is asking from you, and what you're supposed to do in response to His ask
  • You feel anxious and concerned about the cultural trends around you, and you want to be able to turn to 'the source' for answers
  • You feel lost and stressed by the countless opposing opinions about what it is exactly you are supposed to do as a believer
  • You're afraid that you may understand the Qur'an incorrectly or get the essence of what's being said wrong, so you rarely engage with it directly

Does any of this sound familiar?


I can totally relate...

  • I think that relatable, structured and practical ways of helping people understand and apply the Qur'an aren’t readily available to most believers.
  • I feel that a back-to-basics approach is what is needed as well as one that communicates the messages and meanings of the Qur'an in plain English.
  • Too much of our Qur'anic discourse is caught up in jargon or irrelevant reference points that might have been useful in different times or places but don’t really have much practical benefit for most English-speaking believers today.
  • Our culture is one where those who don’t understand Arabic have been made to feel that it's unusual or unnatural to simply read a translation of the Qur’an regularly.
  • It's become normal to think that the reward for mindless recitation is more important than the understanding gained from meaningful reading.

If you want to bring the Qur'an to life in your life, what you really need is a fresh, practical and proven approach...

I've broken it down into a clear and powerful 5-step process:


  1. Of course, it starts with opening the Book and reading... not just reading in Arabic, but reading with meaning and understanding.

  2. The next step is to ponder and reflect, appreciating the importance and implications of the verses, both at the time of revelation and in your own life.

  3. Then perhaps you need to explore and research further and see what else God has to say about a particular issue in the Qur'an, so you can get a full picture.

  4. Then there comes a point where you need to have resolve and make a commitment for your life based on what you've read in revelation.

  5. Finally, once you've made that commitment, the last step is to rise to the occasion and fulfil it: to act and make a change for the better... whether that's a shift of perspective, the lens through which you experience everything, or practically in your actions and habits.

The reality is that most people don't get past Step 1 in their Qur'an journey...

It's time to go further and experience the full process in...


Club Revelation

An exclusive online Qur’an exploration experience through which you will grow in knowledge, appreciation and love for your Lord.

The holistic, action-oriented process will significantly increase your understanding of key Qur'anic concepts and keep you connected to God’s final revelation in a deep, meaningful and actionable way.

It's appropriate for you if you are anywhere from a complete beginner to an intermediate level of understanding and engagement with the Qur’an and / or Qur’anic Arabic.

See the full schedule here.

"Incredibly useful for personal development and growth."

Club Revelation provides a real and encouraging insight into the Quran, and really helps connect more deeply with the Quran through understanding and reflection.

I have a much better understanding of my faith, the Quran, what I should be doing and how I should approach things in daily life.

The programme connects the revelation of 1400 years ago to today, which is transformative.

It has helped me immensely to get a deeper connection and appreciation of revelation and Allah.

The programme and how it is presented is unique, with simple language and lots of analogies to help us understand and connect.

– A.N.

"A truly transformational journey for me."

Iqbal is truly inspirational, he provides the course in a very clear and simple way, using analogies to aid understanding, remove any confusion and allow for deeper meaning to revelation and God’s cause.

His passion for helping us to live God consciously is truly infectious. It clears the fog and brightens my spirits like no-one else and like no other course. I am growing in confidence and practice with strengthened belief.

This programme has (literally) lifted the cataract from my eyes and brightened my spirit and my heart.

I has provided greater understanding and confidence to explore Quran and faith further, and has helped me put into perspective this life and its challenges.

– NAZ N.

"This is one of the most practical and useful programmes you will find"

I have gained a better understanding of what God wants from us, with more clarity on my priorities.

If you are really serious about connecting to God's message, in light of our modern challenges, this is one of the most practical and useful programmes you will find.

It's very beneficial in enhancing your relationship with the Quran and ultimately improving your prayer and helping you get closer to Allah.  


"I called myself a Muslim, but I did not understand the guidebook that I followed."

I wanted to understand the Quran better. Now I have a better understanding of what God is asking from me.

Before Club Revelation, I was wasting time online and on YouTube trying to piece together a better understanding of God, Islam, and the purpose / meaning of my life.

Club Revelation has shifted my understanding of self. It has been the most important ongoing resource to help me discover my purpose, and act on it in a meaningful way. 



1. A closer, more consistent relationship with the Qur'an throughout the year

Through 40 live sessions (also available on-demand) between Ramadan 2024 and Ramadan 2025, you will journey through several powerful chapters, from Chapter 18, The Cave (al-Kahf) to Chapter 29, The Byzantines (ar-Rum). See the full schedule here.

These chapters have everything you need to strengthen your foundations as a believer. The focus is heavily on topics such as: God, our relationship with Him, our reality, revelation, stories of the prophets, the Last Day, accountability and morality.

2. A proven way to explore and understand the Qur'an, with ease and confidence

Each live session will have a structured, easy-to-follow format: (a) recitation and translation, (b) reflection, (c) analysis, (d) discussion and Q&A, and (e) actionable takeaways.

These inspiring sessions will take place on Zoom on Sundays for about 90 minutes, starting at 11:00am UK time...

3. Convenient, on-demand access to all Club Revelation content and resources

If you can't make the live sessions or if it's simply easier, you can go through the content in your own time during the week... in one sitting or in small chunks throughout the week.

The recording of each session is broken down into manageable parts and posted the same day, within just a few hours of the live session. You’ll have access to an online portal where you can watch video recordings, listen to and download audio recordings, and download and keep all presentation material.

Bonus content from previous thematic sessions of Club Revelation are also made available to you on a regular basis.

4. Enjoy ‘A Daily Dose of the Qur’an'

The Qur’an is a healing and it’s important to have your daily prescription! You’ll have the option to receive a daily audio clip of 5 minutes or less which I’ve recorded... so you can complete the English translation of the Qur’an.

This is one of the best ways for you to appreciate and reflect on God's final revelation, in a consistent and convenient way!

5. Get in touch with me any time via WhatsApp, Telegram and email

When you join, I'll give you my personal phone number and an email address so you can reach out at any point with your questions. In this way, you can be sure to get all the bespoke advice and support that you need on your journey.

6. Household Access: Go on this journey together with your family

Free membership means that all your family can join easily too. Many family members have benefited from participating in Club Revelation together... so that they can learn and support each other on their Qur'an exploration journeys.

  • A unique, exclusive online Qur'an exploration experience

  • Weekly live sessions on Sundays, 11:00am - 12:30pm UK time

  • On-demand access to everything: session recordings, resources and presentation material
  • A Daily Dose of the Qur'an: complete the English translation by giving less than five minutes a day

  • Direct Q&A access (WhatsApp, Telegram, Email)

"It's given me hope and direction. A community to belong to."

I felt lost and stressed by the millions of opposing opinions about what it is exactly we are supposed to do as believers. A lack of regular consistent, correct understanding and connection to the True message of Allah and who He truly is.

There's something more realistic about Club Revelation, especially the content, it's more something I can implement in my life rather than a romanticised idea of far away Islamic teachings that are nice to hear about but not necessarily practically implementable.

It's helping me through my own healing process by getting a better understanding of who Allah is, what I'm meant to do as a believer and it's just hopeful really. Alhamdulillah.

– I.B.

"Easy to follow, whether you are a beginner or more advanced."

I was struggling to understand the translation of the Quran and the application to everyday life situations.

Club Revelation is helping me overcome years of inconsistency in gaining knowledge from various sources that I couldn’t really relate to.

You learn so much in Club Revelation and realise you’re not the only who doesn’t know and that others are in the same position as you. It’s a game changer 🙏

Brother Iqbal puts in a huge amount of effort into the course content, delivery and thought provoking questions that arise. Give this a go!

– G.P.

"Club Revelation has had a profoundly positive impact on my daily life."

I now better understand the nature of God and my role and responsibilities in relation to Him and the Qur'an.

I view all my decisions and actions more seriously through the Divine lens and with the prospect of success in the Hereafter


"I feel confident in my practice and belief again."

When I chose Islam and reverted just over 25 years ago my heart was connected to Allah and His creation very deeply on a natural level - but unfortunately over time other ways to think about Islam affected me.

But this course has taken me back to my roots and now I feel confident in my practice and belief again.