Tips to Transform Your Prayer, Focus in Salah and Avoid Distractions


I was hosted by Shabbir Hassan for an Ilmfeed video podcast to discuss ways in which we can all improve the most important action of our lives.

Here are three key insights from the video:

  1. We should see prayer as a meeting with God instead of simply a ritual performance. It does wonders for our prayer when we approach and experience it in the same way as any other meeting that we take seriously.

  2. One way to think about prayer is like a break from the material world on the long journey of life. It helps us make the most of the next part of our journey... until we break for prayer again. During these breaks, we should ask God for guidance on our travels, ensuring that we make Him our priority.

  3. Outside of our actual prayers, we should practise saying the words of prayer in English (or our most familiar language). This is so we familiarise ourselves with the meaning of what we recite and say in Arabic in the prayer. If we can't say the words meaningfully in our own language we will always struggle to do so in Arabic, unless we have a very high familiarity with the language already.


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