My Courses

Transformational educational experiences to help you lead a truly God-centred life

Transform My Prayer

Do you want to transform your connection with Allah? Join me for Transform My Prayer, a step-by-step journey to completely change the way you see Salat and make it a truly fulfiling experience, once and for all.

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Club Revelation

Bring Revelation to Life in Your Life... even if you're busy, or a beginner in your Qur'an or Arabic journey.

Engage with God’s final revelation in a deep, meaningful and actionable way. Through live presentations and reflection on key themes and concepts of the Qur'an, Club Revelation is a highly engaging and inspirational online Qur'an club.

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Last Day Leader

It's Time to Fulfil Your God-Given Potential
Without fear. Without doubt. Without delay.

Last Day Leader is a transformative experience for professionals, entrepreneurs, parents and university students... so you can serve God's cause, positively influence those around you, and be ready to meet your Lord on the Last Day.

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