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INsights 038, Friday 7th April 2023

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Assalamu-alaikum. Peace be upon you.

Heightened geopolitical tensions and division. Rampant developments in artificial intelligence and the transhumanism movement. The existential challenge of the climate crisis...

State-sponsored oppression and ethnic cleansing. Economic instability and the increased cost of living. Fake news. The redefinition of gender norms. Increasing sexual impotence. The pervasive breakdown of the family unit...

The loss of attention and the ability to focus. Widespread mental health problems. Declining faith, modesty and integrity. The rapid, bewildering, dizzying pace of change...

Despite all the talk of great human progress, the world seems to be in quite a sorry state.

Instead of progressing, it feels as though we are regressing.

It’s as if we are living through a grand, global 21st century version of The Age of Ignorance (jahiliyyah) that preceded revelation.

After all, what are all the above phenomena except for the consequences of hearts that are blind and obscured from the truth?

Forgetful of our createdness, mindless regarding our great responsibility, heedless regarding our imminent accountability, we are lost at sea.  

When I think about the future, I worry.

I worry for my children and my descendants.

I worry for the inevitable pain and suffering that people will face if the current trajectory continues.

I worry for the countless lost souls floundering in the darkness.  

But most of all, I worry for us: me and you and our fellow believers.

Our revelation, our role 

Why am I most concerned for the people who believe in God, who are clinging to faith against all odds?

Because I’m not sure we’re doing enough. I’m not convinced we are rising to today’s challenges in a way that the situation demands.

I’m afraid that we’ll find out on The Day of Judgement that we disappointed our Lord with our inaction, our apathy and our weakness. 

Either we are unaware of the context we live in and our mandate as believers. Or we are scared and have become hopeless.

Whether it’s ignorance or fear that explains our collective ineptitude, neither will stand up to divine scrutiny. 

You see, we have under our noses – quite literally – the only thing that we need to help us become who we need to become and to bring about a brighter future for the world. 

We have revelation.

It was precisely those 6,236 verses and the determination of a small group of human beings in 7th century Arabia that brought about a seemingly impossible transformation to a society that was as lost and misguided as the ones in which we find ourselves today. 

This is a revelation whose message could cause a mountain to explode. If it no longer stirs us into becoming the dynamic and inspired people that are required to fix the world’s problems, we only have ourselves to blame.

We’re not reading it properly. We’re not thinking. We’re not letting the full implications of the message penetrate our hearts, mould our characters and guide our actions.

The very God-consciousness that we are trying to cultivate for ourselves in Ramadan is the same God-consciousness that we are required to do our very best to facilitate for others.

If you ever doubt that this is the case or that you have an important role to play, remember these words:

When some of them asked, “Why do you bother warning people whom God will destroy, or at least punish severely?” they replied, “So that we have an excuse before your Lord, and so that perhaps they might attain God-consciousness.”

(Chapter 7, The Heights, Verse 164)

So if our attitude when we observe the mess in the world is, “To hell with them!” we risk inadvertently implying, “To hell with ourselves!”

What are you going to do?

True believers are supposed to tremble at the mention of God, not at the mention of our enemies or the troubles that befall us.

We are supposed to be humble before Him but also determined to serve Him fully without fear and without delay.

We are supposed to establish an unbreakable bond of faith and trust in Him and in each other.

We are supposed to expend our energy, time and money for God’s cause.


To facilitate faith, truth and steadfastness. So that we can bring people from darkness to light. To show that there is a better way, a clear and straight path to goodness in this life and the next. 

But perhaps most of all, to fulfil our own God-given potential. To meet our Lord having done our best. To earn the honour of seeing Him and being in His company forever. 

So I ask you...

Where do you fit in? What are you going to do?

Are you going to rise to the occasion and accelerate your journey to become a true believer? 

Are you going to introspect deeply and consider the ways in which you can use your passion, energy and unique skills to serve God’s cause and bring about a better world?

If the devil tells you to be fearful or that your efforts are pointless, ignore him.

Believe in yourself and believe in the power of our collective effort. When we all get our act together, we will be an unstoppable force for all that is good.

The tide will turn. God will carry us all to the shore...

Do not lose heart or despair, you will have the upper hand if you really are believers.

(Chapter 3, The Family of 'Imran, Verse 139)

Even more reassuringly:

We make it Our duty to help the believers.

(Chapter 30, The Byzantines, Verse 47)

Your decisions, your destiny

Now is the best time to get serious about all this. The Night of Destiny, laylatul-qadr, is just around the corner. We know that:

The angels and the Spirit [Gabriel] descend in it by permission of their Lord for every decreed matter.

(Chapter 97, Destiny, Verse 4)

And also that:

Every matter of wisdom is ordained in it.

(Chapter 44, Smoke, Verse 4)

It is understood that on this night, the destiny of each individual is sealed for the upcoming year. The matter of qadr is a mysterious one no doubt. But it would be a mistake for us to become passive and defeatist when thinking about it.

“If it’s already written, what is there for me to do?” is precisely the wrong way to think about the future. 

Instead, take responsibility.

Realise that your decisions are the jigsaw pieces in the puzzle of destiny. Be conscious of the fact that you have the chance to shift your fate for the months ahead with your worship and supplications.

Accompany your devotional acts with some serious resolutions for after Ramadan. Think deeply about the kind of life you want to lead that will prepare you in the best possible way for the Day of Judgement. 

Make your last ten days of Ramadan the first ten days of a more faithful, determined and fulfilled existence.

For God’s sake, for God’s cause, it’s time to press play, there’s no time to pause.


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